Berlin to Görlitz

We started on April 29th from Boxhagener Platz direction southwest, following the Spree and then the Dahme bike paths. After 75 km we camped in Klein Köris. Next day we continued towards Lübbenau, riding through Märkisch Buchholz and Lübben. On May 1st we followed the Gurkenradweg path towards east, stopping at Cottbus and spending the night at Forst. On our last day in Germany we followed the Oder-Neisse bike path that runs along the German-Polish border, all the way to Görlitz. We crossed the river to Zgorzelec, Poland, where we spend the night.

Full route: Berlin to Zgorzelec
4.29 Berlin to Klein Köris (75km)
4.30 Klein Köris to Lübbenau (65km)
5.1 Lübbenau to Forst (70km)
5.2 Forst to Görlitz (101km)

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  • Tito Elbo Tija

    Espectacular, bo! Interesante la bici de tu companero.
    Segui disfrutando, y no hagas mess!

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