Poland, from Zgorzelec to Głuchołazy

We crossed to Zgorzelec from Görlitz and slept at Bogusia’s, a friend of mine who was waiting for us with pierogi for dinner. Next morning, after a big and healthy breakfast that she prepared for us, we started our trip to Zlotoryja. The road was hilly and windy and we decided to stay at a hotel that night. We had almost 100km ahead for the next day but the conditions changed and the road was pleasant and fast. We arrived in Wrocław at 4pm and we went straight to Rynek for an early dinner. Then, to Kasia’s home (or playground), an incredible friend who hosts us and Andreas, a cyclist from Dresden. We took a day off to explore the city and talk for hours with Kasia. The morning after we went south, direction Czech Republic. That night we camped near a lake at Otmuchów. The next day we continued towards the Czech border, which we crossed around noon. Again and again, thank you Bogusia and Kasia for your hospitality and kindness!

313 km in Poland.

5.03 | Zgorzelec to Zlotoryja, 77km
5.04 | Złotoryja to Wrocław, 98km
5.06 | Wrocław to Otmuchów, 93km
5.07 | Otmuchów to CZ, 41km